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Gangs Add Identity Theft and Tax Fraud to Dealing Drugs

Guest post by Nussin S. Fogel.

Gangs across the country are finding white collar crime much easier than dealing drugs on street corners: they’ve learned how to profit from identity theft and tax fraud.

Florida is ground zero for the crime, but the problem is growing throughout the US.

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Identity protection ads come back to bite LifeLock CEO

700,000 Central Collection Bureau, Inc., accounts vulnerable to identity theft

On March 21st, thieves removed eight computers and a server from Central Collection Bureau’s headquarters in Indianapolis. On the server was personal information, including names, addresses, and social security numbers of as many as 700,000 consumers that CCB was collecting from.

The information on the server was stored behind three locked doors and protected by a password, but not encrypted.

So who steals a server? Are geeks turning to physical crime, or are identity thieves getting desperate in the face of the plummeting value of personal information?

[via insideARM]