H&R Block Cosplay

It’s getting close to tax time, and the H&R Block down the street from my house has one of those crazy-wavy-tube-guy things out front. It always reminds me of this video, which makes me crack up:


Speaking of tax preparers, you might be tempted to get your “refund” early by getting a refund anticipation loan. Don’t. As I have written before, refund anticipation loans are basically a payday loan in disguise (i.e., a really bad deal). Skip it, and file your tax return earlier next year if you want to get your refund faster.

Thanks to Tim Hwang for reminding me of the video.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Due to Our Blackout Policy

The revolution will not be televised, but if you have a cable subscription, you can log in to and use their authenticator to watch the revolution. Just provide your username and password, and you will have access to the revolution live, plus alternate angles, commentary, and the ability to share your login with up two more IP addresses.


Companies Don’t Spend Money To Give You Things

The Kardashian Kard, Explained

I’ve been trying to decide whether to add my voice to the chorus of consumer advocates who are slamming the Kardashian Kard, a prepaid debit card aimed at kids that hides more transaction fees than I thought possible. Instead, I’ll let Asian animation house NMA explain:

(Thanks, Consumerist!)

Barney Frank on the Colbert Report

“Banks are consumers. They consume our life savings when we don’t read the fine print.”

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Happy Friday!

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