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Evidence of Assignment: Why Debt Buyers Have Proof Problems

Assignment is the foundation of the debt-buying industry, and the industry is built on sand. Or a swamp. Because assignment is also the industry’s weak spot, and the reason why most—if not all—debt-buyer lawsuits should fail.

Debt buyers must prove they have the right to collect a debt. To do this, it must show an unbroken, valid chain of assignment back to the original creditor. Most debt buyers cannot do this.

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Minnesota Consumer Attorney Randall Ryder Joins the Caveat Emptor Directory

Randall Ryder is a consumer rights attorney in Minnesota. I am especially pleased to welcome Randall to the Caveat Emptor directory because I have worked with him extensively, and I know him to be an excellent lawyer and consumer advocate.

Randall is an even-tempered but aggressive consumer advocate who gets great results for his clients. He sues debt collectors and defenses people who are sued by debt collectors in Minnesota. He takes cases on contingency and uses innovative unbundled services arrangements to get clients the help they need without breaking the budget.

If you are dealing with debt collection abuse or a debt collection lawsuit in Minnesota, contact consumer rights lawyer Randall Ryder.