Advertise on Caveat Emptor

“Caveat Emptor has greatly enhanced my web presence and created a consistent source of client leads.”

— Minnesota consumer lawyer Randall Ryder


Caveat Emptor receives approximately 4,000 unique visitors every month. They are, in general, consumers looking for help with debt-related issues — highly-targeted potential clients for consumer rights lawyers, in other words.

Display Advertising (Banner Ads)

Ads are shown in just one highly visible location on Caveat Emptor, a 300×250–pixel banner at the top of the sidebar column. It is visible on every page (including this one).

Banner ads are sold on a cost-per-impression basis. You select the jurisdictions in which you want your ad to appear, and we will bill you for the number of impressions your ad receives each month (we can definitely let you know how many impressions you are likely to get). Our ad rate is $50 CPM (cost per thousand impressions). So, for example, if you received 500 impressions in a particular month, I would bill you $25 for those impressions. You can stop your ads at any time.

Note: you can advertise for free by writing for Caveat Emptor.


To advertise on Caveat Emptor, use the contact form below to contact me.

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