Don’t Rent Computers

Sitting in a waiting room this morning, I overheard one of the clerks telling the other about the “great” new laptop she just rented. “It came with a Kenneth Cole laptop bag!” She said she decided to rent because she “couldn’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for a new laptop.” I don’t think she even tried shopping for a computer, though, because it sounded like she rented a laptop that retails for about $400.

Don’t rent computers. Computers are cheap. You can get a good-quality Dell laptop for just under $600. Or, if you just want a desktop, Dell has a great all-in-one for just under $750. You don’t even need to pay that much, though. I’m writing this post on a Dell Inspiron that retails for about $300 today.

The only exception is if you need extremely high-powered hardware that is always up-to-date. But if that is your need, you are probably already leasing through a reputable company.