From Robo-Signing to Forgery, the Foreclosures Continue

At least robo-signers actually sign their names, even if they have no idea what they are signing. Some foreclosure law firms have a room full of clerks signing attorneys’ names to foreclosure documents. Bank of New York attorney Gary McCafferty said “many documents his firm submitted to court with his signature had in fact been signed by administrative staff . . . .”

As bankruptcy lawyer Max Gardner explains:

“They have a small number of attorneys and a very large back office,” Gardner said. “The first time an attorney knows anything about a case in these kinds of operations is when someone like me files a response.”

As with the robo-signers, forged signatures have resulted in the dismissal of foreclosure lawsuits in courts across the country. It wouldn’t surprised me if they result in the dismissal of a few lawyers from the bar, as well.

(Thanks, Consumerist!)