Big surprise: greedy subprime security buyers didn’t listen to their own consultants

Tracy Warren was a quality-control consultant for Bear Stearns and other mortgage security purchasers on Wall Street. Her job was to review mortgage loans to determine whether they had merit for investment purposes. (She saw the loans after they were made, but before they were sold to investors and led to the national economy’s crash-and-burn act.)

“I’d see people who were hotel workers saying that they made, in California, making $15,000 a month so that they could qualify for a $500,000 home,” Warren says. “If a hotel worker is making $15,000 a month changing sheets at the Days Inn, everybody would want to do it. It just really made no sense.”

No kidding. While Warren was busy rejecting loans like the above, her supervisors were busy un-rejecting them. Other firms agreed to accept a certain percentage of loans, regardless of their merit.

This story would be shocking if it weren’t already so obvious.

Auditor: Supervisors Covered Up Risky Loans [NPR] [via Consumerist]