Illinois Gets $23.7 Million Judgment Against Debt Collection Law Firm

In a somewhat surprising role reversal, the state of Illinois was awarded a $23.7 million dollar judgment against the law firm of Friedman & Wexler and two attorneys from the firm. The state had previously used the law firm to collect debts on behalf of the state.

The suit alleged the law firm collected excessive commissions and also continued to collect on behalf of the state after the firm’s contract with the state had expired. Both attorneys who were individually named in the suit have filed for bankruptcy. It is unknown whether they are able to borrow any money from friends or family to pay the $23.7 million judgment, or whether they are willing to setup a payment plan to cover the judgment.

Speaking on behalf of the state agency that sued the law firm, a representative said “Ironically, we’ll use all the tools that are normally available to a collector to try to collect from our collectors . . .[w]e’ll try to identify their assets and seize them.”