Consumers Annoyed by Car Dealers and Foreclosure Relief Consultants

Topping the list of things that consumers were pissed off about last year were an old consumer predator and a new one. Car dealers stayed comfortably at the top of the list. But foreclosure relief consultants, a symptom of the foreclosure epidemic, moved the “credit/debt” category up into second place. They pushed shoddy construction contractors down into third.

Foreclosure relief consultants have been around for a long time, but with the explosion in foreclosures over the last few years, they have multiplied like rabbits. Since foreclosures are announced publicly, it makes foreclosed soon-to-be-non-homeowners easy targets for mass mailings. Most experience a deluge of “SAVE YOUR HOME” offers right after the notice of foreclosure.

Apparently, it can get annoying.

(thanks, Consumerist)