Debt Collection Help: Free Resources

Getting called or served with a lawsuit by a collector is a pain, at best. You can help yourself deal with debt collection with free information and tools online, but not everything you find will actually help. Here is a selection of resources that will:

  • If you are contacted or sued by a debt collector, use these form letters, pleadings, guides, and reference materials to learn how to record your phone calls and respond appropriately;
  • Debt collection cheatsheet: what collectors can and cannot do;
  • Help dealing with a case of debt collection and mistaken identity;
  • Follow these guidelines for negotiating with a debt collector; and
  • Avoid these mistakes when dealing with a debt collection lawsuit.

Finally, you can get debt collection help from a lawyer. Most consumer rights lawyers will give you a free case evaluation, and may be able to represent you on contingency, so that you pay nothing unless the collector pays you.