Facebook Page Makes Wells Fargo Waive Fees

Wells Fargo has bowed to angry internet users and has agreed to refund and waive 3% transaction fees charged on certain donations to Haiti.

College student Heather Lynn was angered by Wells Fargo’s insistence on charging a 3% foreign transaction fee on certain types of donations to Haiti. Lynn created a Facebook page called Wachovia=Fail, which garnered thousands of users. More importantly, the page got Wells Fargo’s attention, and prompted them to react accordingly:

You spoke and we listened and appreciate the feedback. This was a complicated issue on our end to address, so I’m sorry for the time it took for us to get back to you. It was never our intention to make money from fees charged on foreign transactions to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Just wondering, what exactly was their intention? And why did it take an angry group of Facebook users for Wells Fargo to realize something was not right?

(photo: Rail Life)