Joseph Nardulli and National Arbitration Forum make MBNA and Wolpoff & Abramson a lot of money

When it comes to debt collection, Joseph Nardulli is a king despot among arbitrators. Nardulli is an arbitrator for National Arbitration Forum who has rendered a mind-blowing 977 arbitration awards, mostly on MBNA accounts, and mostly to Wolpoff & Abramson, one of the busiest debt collector law firms in the country. (Currently, Wolpoff & Abramson is apparently collecting a huge “$6.9 billion” portfolio for Asta Funding, Inc.)

Consumer advocate (and, er, unique website designer) Bud Hibbs sent this spreadsheet of Nardulli’s arbitration awards (PDF link) as discussed in recent Public Citizen report on arbitration. Read it and weep.