NY AG shuts down a particularly abusive debt collector

How would you like to get a call like this, just because you are behind on your credit cards?

“Hello, this is Investigator Brook Carlson from the Warrant Division. This is the last time I am going to attempt to contact you,” the caller said in one message. “We have left this message numerous times, and it seems that you are disregarding all means of contacting us back. So, therefore, you are going to be picked up at Hillcrest Hospital. You’ll come in, then the warrant is actually going to be formalized in McLennan County. Make sure you have somewhere for your kids to go, lock up your house, get some clean clothes because you’re not coming home anytime soon.”

Being in debt is not a crime, no matter what the jerk on the phone may say. New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo put it well: “Just because you’re behind on credit cards doesn’t mean you forfeit all rights.” Which is why the Buffalo, NY, collection office that uttered the above quote will be shut down by order of New York judge.

NY AG Shuts Down Buffalo Debt Collection Operation | WSJ (thanks, Tracy!)