The Yellow Pages loves waste: how they fight the “opt-out movement”

Following up his excellent mission to return an unrequested phone book to Verizon, Ed Kohler published a Yellow Pages slideshow called “Dealing With the Opt-Out Movement” (PDF). In the slideshow, the Yellow Pages catalogs their “wins” in preventing states from allowing consumers to opt out of receiving the phone book.

Why do phone book companies hate the opt-out movement? I assume because it allows them to brag about their circulation numbers, as if everyone who received the phone book actually used it.

What is the “opt-out movement”? Maybe we should ask the Yellow Pages:

That sounds good, doesn’t it?! Well, here is what the Yellow Pages likes to do to states that try to reduce unwanted and unsolicited phone books, contain recycling costs, and give consumers better choices:

Yellow Pages Win While Minnesota Loses | The Deets