Minnesota Restaurant Association Info

Recently, @panndder was tweeting about the Minnesota Restaurant Association’s bill to cut the minimum wage for servers. “We should create a public database of Minnesota Restaurant Association members,” he wrote.

The Minnesota Restaurant Association doesn’t publish a list of members that I could find. That makes it hard to know which restaurants to boycott or support if you have strong feelings about the bill. Or which owners to talk to if you want to influence the organization’s advocacy positions one way or the other. It also makes it hard for the media to find members of the organization to interview without going through the leadership.


Figuring a list of members would be helpful, I bought mnrestaurant.info and set up a wiki to hold an annotated list of Minnesota Restaurant Association members and other information related to the organization. It is meant to be neutral — a source of information, not advocacy. What you decide to do with the information is entirely up to you.

Minnesota Restaurant Association Info is a wiki, and just like Wikipedia it is public for anyone to edit — anonymously if you prefer. In fact, you need to help in order for the site to be useful. So far, all the contributions have been from Ed Kohler and me. We’ve done what we can with what the lists and websites we have been able to find online so far, but the Minnesota Restaurant Association says it has over 2,000 restaurants. That means we only have about 6% listed so far.

In order to get the other 94% onto Minnesota Restaurant Association Info, we need your help. If you know of a Minnesota Restaurant Association member who is not listed, go ahead and add them. If you get stuck on the wiki markup, just send the information you have to email@mnrestaurant.info and I will take care of it. With your help, this can be a valuable, public source of information.