Predatory Lending Association: dedicated to extracting maximum profit from the working poor

The website of the Predatory Lending Association* is chock-full of great information for payday lenders, such as racial profiling tools, tips on lending to members of the military (no, 20 payday loan stores by a military base are not too many), and a working poor finder, which uses Google Maps to help predatory lenders find concentrations of working poor to target. (You can even overlay the military and working poor maps for extreme targeting!)

There is a lot more information there that is helpful to predatory lenders, but that consumers might find interesting, as well.

Like this payday loan calculator:

Wow, you can get a 436% return on a $100 loan by charging a reasonable-sounding $16.75! Sounds like a good business, especially when the Payday Lending Association makes it so easy to find suckers with just enough money to pay the fees.

*The Payday Lending Association is a bit of pointed humor.