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Senators Franken and Klobuchar Still Co-Sponsoring PIPA, but Interested in “Compromise”

According to the City Pages, Senator Amy Klobuchar and Senator Al Franken aren’t quite giving up on the Protect IP Act in the wake of Wednesday’s internet-wide protest. Instead, they say they are interested in a “compromise” that will preserve the bill.

Aaron Rupar from the City Pages calls bullshit, and so do I. Even Michele Bachmann is on the right side of this issue, while Klobuchar and Franken remain anti-internet. Then again, this isn’t Klobuchar’s first piece of anti-internet legislation.

(Representative Keith Ellison, on the other hand, actually joined in the blackout.)

An Open Letter to Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar Regarding SB 978

From Consumer Law & Policy Blog, my latest post, An Open Letter to Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar Regarding SB 978. Here’s a taste:

Dear Ms. Klobuchar:

I’m writing to object to SB 978a bill you are sponsoring that would make it a felony for people to post covers of copyrighted material to sites like YouTube and Facebook.

This bill is targeted at children. It is calculated to stifle creativity and prevent the emergence of new talent. You may not have intended these results, but if your bill becomes law it will turn kids (and many adults) into criminals while doing little to protect copyright holders.

Read An Open Letter to Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar Regarding SB 978 on Consumer Law & Policy Blog.

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar Wants to Put Justin Bieber in Jail

Straight from the music and movie industry lobbyists, across Amy Klobuchar’s desk, and now pending before the Senate, Amy Klobuchar wants to put people in jail for posting a video of a performance of copyrighted material (i.e., that video of you singing “My Sharona” in the shower). Like how one of the biggest artists on the planet (Justin Bieber—ask your kid) got his start:

Hey, it’s not my thing, but I want this kind of video to exist; it’s this kind of thing that makes the Internat great. Amy Klobuchar wants to kill it.

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