Friedman & Wexler Closing After Not Paying Bills?

Friedman & Wexler, a widely known Chicago law firm that specializes in debt collection, has apparently shut down after failing to pay its own bills. According to the article, the law firm was fighting numerous suits that alleged the firm had withheld funds from former clients.

Large debt collection practice

The firm apparently handled thousands of debt collection matters each month, including checks for payment and garnishment issues. In 1994, the firm entered into agreement with the city of Chicago to collect their debts from administrative hearings.

This year, the firm began collecting on unpaid water bills, but was fired by the city. Following that, the inspector general was asked to audit the firm to make sure it was turning over money owed to the city.

In 1994, the firm began collecting on behalf of the Illinois Student Aid Commission, until the contract expired in 2006. The firm, however, allegedly continued to collect on accounts after the termination date, and is still mired in a legal battle with the state—with each side claiming the other side owes money.

What to do if you were paying Friedman & Wexler

The firm has not officially announced they are closing their doors. You should try contacting the firm first. After that, try contacting the original creditor on the debt. If you still do not know what to go, contact the attorney general in your state.