Follow up on the “SHIT FACE” letter

The AP reports that the lucky recipient of the “Dear SHIT FACE” letter is planning to sue Nationwide Collections next week. Nationwide’s excuse–“shit happens”–is not likely to hold up in court.

(As an aside, are the national media outlets allergic to citing their sources? This blog broke the story, but neither the AP/MSNBC nor ABC deigned to mention it.)

  • James Brown

    Ken Hiller is a brilliant attorneywho sues companies that harrass debtors. In this case the agency called the peson and asked for him by name. The main issue is that no agency sues for $16.00 yet they threatened to sue. That is illegal!!

    Hiller is out there protecting the rights of people who are being screwed by the big collection companies. Have you ever been called about a debt you don’t owe? And the called over and over and over? We need more Ken Hillers out there fighting for us.

  • NIck Slade

    There are a number of us out here doing exactly that. Check