Get Off Junk Mailing Lists—If You Have Some Time On Your Hands

If you, like 100% of American households, are getting a lot of junk mail, here is one way to get rid of it. A Consumerist reader reports great results calling his junk mailers every hour, on the hour, asking for the company they got his address from, as well as requesting them to take him off their list.

It may take a day or two of calling, but he says they always cave in the end. Then he starts over with the company who gave out the information, tracking the list back to its source and removing his name from all the lists along the way.

He calls it “Blitz Calling,” and it sounds like a good project for a slow work week.

If you do this, be sure to write down the names of the companies you call so that you have a record that you asked them to stop. You may need it when it comes time to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Get Off Junk Mail Lists With Blitz Calling | Consumerist