Nationwide Collections addresses letter to “SHIT FACE”

Nationwide Collections, attempting to collect a debt of $16.39 that originated with Columbia House, addressed a collection letter to “SHIT FACE” and began with the salutation “Dear SHIT”. I’m not kidding. Here is a copy of the letter (PDF link).

The consumer who received the letter signed an affirmation stating he never used the words “shit face” or any other profanity in his communication with Columbia House. He never spoke with Nationwide Collections. Consumer lawyer Kenneth Hiller is representing the consumer.

Unfortunately, this sort of conduct is not unusual, except that debt collectors don’t usually document their harassment.

  • Michael

    I don’t see the problem, really. Since there is no one with the name Mr. Face at that address, why does someone else at that adress feel compelled to take it on? Let the collection agency report a bad debt to Equifax under that name. I guess Mr. Face’s score would go down, but how does that reflect on teh score of the person who lives at that address? Let these guys hang themselves.

  • Dody

    When ever a debt collector calls me and does not
    1.) Have a human on the other end
    2.) Say my name correctly
    3.) Tell me where they are from or at least what the call is in reference too
    4.) Calls before 8 am
    5.) Calls after 9 PM

    I hand my husband the phone and hilarity ensues. He is so damn funny I wish I could transcribe some of the SHIT he has put them through. I used to argue with the people…because some of these debts were settled or because I was just a week late. Then they got personal, threatened to have me fired…(I work for myself) Have my pay check attached (again I work for myself), Called my husband a loser for not paying my debts (WTF it’s my debt) etc… Now I just hand the phone to him, the (usually woman) on the other end either clams up or hangs herself with retarded drivel as my husband puts her through comedic paces. Ebay had a notoriously nasty collection agency. I owed 70 dollars and the woman wanted to know why I hadn’t paid, when i explained I didn’t even know I owed the money and onslaught of insults to me, my family, and my life ensued. Most completely false. Oh it was hilarious because after she started I just handed him the phone….as usual.

    So guys, be very funny when dealing with phone dicks and your wife will always love you!

  • UPMan

    You missed a redaction (very bottom of the collections letter is the actual account number). Having that, I’m going to start a mass movement to pay Shit Face’s (Mr. Face?) fine on his behalf.