Revised Comment Policy

We get all kinds of comments here. Some are helpful and relevant, others are barely-coherent, ad hominem diatribes. Lots are somewhere in between. Until now, I have approved nearly every non-spam comment. No more.

In an effort to keep things on-topic and productive, I will be more pro-active in moderating comments, and I have culled the comments in the archives. This is my blog, after all.

Here is the new comment policy, which you can find just above the comment box:

When you post a comment on this blog, you grant us the right to modify or delete your comment, but we have no duty to do so. If you want us to post your comment, make it coherent, relevant, and respectful.

I will not post comments that are incoherent, including those in all-caps, no-caps, or abbreviated in text-message speak. I will not post comments that contain incorrect information about the law, rants containing conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, or personal attacks. I will not post requests for legal advice on the commenter’s personal situation. If you need advice, talk privately with a lawyer. This is a public blog, not a place to reveal personal information.

Subject to those conditions, please do post your comments. We love the feedback and the added benefit for readers is great. For those posting good comments, keep up the good work!