Is Mann Bracken Out of Business?

I got the word a few days ago that gigantic debt collection law firm Mann Bracken was going under. Atlanta consumer lawyer Tim Cook says Mann Bracken’s lawyers are out of work and the phones are instructing callers to contact their creditors. Could it be?

It could. Mann Bracken has been under fire in Georgia, and its parent company, Axiant, took a big hit when the Minnesota Attorney General forced the National Arbitration Forum to stop handling consumer arbitrations. That is a lot of weight to carry, and I am not surprised to find out that Mann Bracken is the next casualty of the Axiant love triangle.

From the comments, here is my best advice if you had a debt with Mann Bracken:

Mann Bracken is a debt collection law firm. As far as I know, Mann Bracken does not purchase debts, it just collects debts that belong to its clients.

If Mann Bracken goes bankrupt, its clients do not lose the right to collect their debts, they just have to find another debt collector to do it.

If you had a debt with Mann Bracken, you should probably start by contacting the creditor. If you had reached a settlement with Mann Bracken, find out whether the creditor intends to honor that settlement. (Note: Making payments is not necessarily the same thing as settling your debt. A creditor must credit your account for any payments you make, regardless whether you have reached some kind of settlement.)

  • MikeS

    Hey, those guys owe me some money! Do you have any phone numbers so I can call them relentlessly?

    (Supposed to be funny. I’ll keep my day job.)

  • Dan Robinson

    Mann Bracken has been under fire in Georgia, and its parent company, Axiant…

    Parent company? Seems to me that a company owning a law firm would be a pretty clear ethical violation. See, e.g., ABA Model Rule of Professional Conduct 5.4.

  • Shawn

    Wait. Fewer anti-consumer lawyers about? I’m starting to like this recession…

  • Anonymous

    @Dan Robinson: It would be a very clear ethical violation if it were true. Mann Bracken is not owned by Axiant. If you look at Axiant’s bankruptcy filings, you can see that Axiant owes Mann Bracken over $10 million. Mann Bracken is listed as a creditor.

    Mann Bracken is going out of business, but the debts aren’t going away. The clients will retain new counsel. Some already have.

  • Frodo Baggins

    Most Mann Bracken phone numbers are disconnected or just ring. No one picks up. Serves them right.

    I hope no one hires Chris Diwan, Matthew Linkie, Scott Kramer, Connell Loftus, Chris Bracken, Doug Mann or Dale Burns. Let them learn what it is like to be down on your luck.

    It would be really funny if NCO, GC Services or John P. Frye started hassling them for debts!


  • zeek13

    Mann Bracken is Chapter 11 after being nailed by lawsuits for their involvement with NAF. Also NCO collections has been rumored to buy them but I do not thinks this will happen..Mann bracken and their former name of Wolpoff and Abrasom have been screwing people for years and finally got nailed. You cannot own the National Arbitration Forum and send your cases their to be arbitrated and expect to go unnoticed. I believe we as former victims of this farce may be compenated after a huge class action suit. Mann Bracken formwerly Wolpoff and Abramson are history.

  • Jennifer panicked n texas

    Ok so I’m tryn to pay my bill off today I still owe 333 on my mbna account with them and am desperate to pay it off but I don’t understand what all this means??? Is another comoany going to buy out our debts??? Who do I pauy now becuz I’ve got new tires to buy and an alignment to do but don’t want to touch my money n get screwed by another company tht tells me its due cuz they piked it up….pls help explain becase I have the money now and wud like to unload it n be done with it!!! Thanks yall!

  • Kellie

    I was sued by Wolpoff and Abramson/Mann and Bracken for a bad debt (which I did owe..just went through rough time). I’ve been paying it without fail, every month, on time. I noticed last night 2 of my checks, one dated Dec. 1st and the other Dec.15th have not been cashed/deposited. I tried to call today, phone disconnected. I do some internet sleuthing and found this site. Now I find out they are no longer. What do I do about my payments to them? Should I put a stop payment on those 2 checks and just make deposits to a separate acct. until someone tells me who I pay now? Or ??? I’m really confused. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Sam Glover

    Kellie and Jennifer, do what the recording says, and contact the creditor directly. They should be able to help you figure out how to handle it.

  • Kellie

    There’s a recording? I just got “this number has been disconnected”.

    Thanks Sam. I will contact Bank Of America. I guess I’m just ignorant to the process, but I thought BOA sold the debt to Mann/Bracken (and their various pseudonyms prior).

  • Jennifer panicked n texas

    Me too sam and now I’m already at the tire place with some of the money spent and going to spend more on my alignment… What info do we need to contact bank of america in regards to this?

  • Kellie

    Bank of America just gave me the most ridiculous advice EVER. Yes, I went through the regular customer service for credit cards who in turn put me in contact with their collections dept. Their advice? “Dispute it..dispute the charges on your credit report to all 3 credit bureaus and stop payment to Mann/Bracken for the checks that are out”. So, effectively, BOA has told me that I don’t owe it now that the company is defunct?

    Um….Now I’m even more confused. This is insanity.

  • Sam Glover

    I don’t know the contact information. If BofA still owns the debt, look up their contact information online. If someone else owns the debt, you will have to find that company’s contact information. You might look through Bud Hibbs’s site. It is a mess to navigate, but he has contact information for just about every debt buyer and collector.

  • Jennifer panicked n texas

    So essentially if bofa sed she doesn’t owe it then all is good right so now all I have to do is contest the amt I owe as well?????? I’m confused too because in mymind I keep thninkg the same thng it mite gert pikd up by anothr company….

  • Jennifer panicked n texas

    Now I’m pissed bank of a jus gave me a defunct 1800 number and had an incorrect balance on my account…I got upset becuz I was tryng to ask the lady if thy were the ones taking our outstanding balance payments….she kept putting me on hold n sayng the same thng u can make ur paymnt to me or go nto a bankng center…aaaarrrrgh!!! WTF the moneys spent so I’m nt gonna pay it til someone sends me a notice….I can’t deal with this stress of hunting them down….they gotta contact us this isn’t our mess this is theirs!>=o(

  • zeek13

    You have to remember that Mann Bracken bought your debt for a fraction of what is owed. They will not report your payments to the CB now. They were not reporting them before. Several years ago I had to file a complaint to the Dept of consumer affairs in my state and the FTC because I was paying them 600.00 per month and they were not showing these payments on my CB balance. Their records were up to date but they were not reporting my payments. Stop all payments to them and dispute yourdebt. These guys are just a bunch of idiots and will take you for a long ride that will take you knowwhere. Remember if you start to make payments it will take you even longer to get your credit bureau straight. The credit bureau goes from date of last activity.I satisfied 25000 in debt to these people and got nothing in return. Unfortunately I learned the hard way.

  • David

    Same situation here….. I called tonight to make my last payment that would ‘settle’ my debt and got a disconnected phone #. Checked my bank records and they did receive my first payment Oct 31st. and my Nov. payment as well. So what would be the bottomline advice for someones last payment not being paid?

  • Kellie

    Thanks Zeek13. I’m going the route through the credit bureau. I’m so angry. I payed off almost $4K to Mann/Bracken for BoA account. Owed about 3K more. I think I’m done paying on that. They probably bought the account for less anyway. Jeez, screwed.

  • Jax

    I was being sued in Superior Court by Mann Bracken, and filed a counter suit against them. My case is the only one in the county that has not been withdrawn. Now what?

  • Wilson

    I called both my credit card companies that were going through mann bracken. My credit card through GE money said they would honor my pay arrangements that I made with bracken and to continue my payments through GE money. When I called Bank of America because they also went through man bracken and I was two payments away from pay off the settlement I took with them, bank of america said I didn’t owe them anymore money and the account had been charged off, because mann bracken went under they said they would take the loss and it wasn’t my fault. I was smart and bank of america is sending me a letter saying I owe them nothing. I would suggest whatever company you had debt with that was going through mann bracken to call the companies and make sure you get answers as to whether they are dropping the amount you owe them or just cutting losses. Then I would suggest calling your bank and having any checks be stopped loss if the company forgave your debt. Make sure you take control and know what is happening to all your accounts so there are no surprises. Both of the companies that went through mann bracken that I called were really nice and answered all of my questions.

    For GE money their number is 1800 333 1082 or 1800 213 5077 option 1

    For bank of america their number is 1800 732 9194

  • David

    I had to contact Discover, they put through to a customer service that was aware of the situation. Apparently Mann Bracken doesn’t buy up all the bad debt for fractions of the costs. Discover was aware of my last two payments and did receive them through MB… my credit will be adjusted once the last payment is sent through… (Discover’s info) They also told me who was now handling my settlement agreement. Smith Debnam…. they were easier to talk to.

  • zeek13

    David if. You got to remember that these credit card companies could care less if your credit bureau is correct. There is not a collection agency out there that pays 100 cents on dollar for you debt, that is why so many cos. are getting in trouble they are collecting more than they bought debt for. I have researched this for several years. your Discover card will tell you anything they are among the worst. I put alot of years in the finance business but have been self employed for over 22 years. i learned to live off cash…It was hard but you can do it

  • zeek13

    To Kellie, About 7 years ago when I first started to deal with Mann bracken they quoted me a specific amount that I owed, when I contacted the credit bureau they showed a totally different balance..I have the letter. Later I discovered that Mann bracken was charging accouts off and then collecting money but not telling client that they had a charge off. You will see many people in serious trouble over this type of behavior. The way I look at it if I have a charge-off why pay it. The CB will still show a bad debt. Mann Bracken will tell you that your credit bureau will show settled for less than balance. That is a lie. All the former ratings stay on record for 7 years and paying off a chg off acct. will not improve your FICO score. Time from date of last activity will improve your score so just hang in there for a few years and meanwhile put a letter in your CB file that disputes information. That is all you can do. Good luck. If you google Mann Bracken you will see many class action lawsuits against them.

  • sam

    Mann Bracken has a judgement aginst me.They haven’t enforced it becasue I had made payment arrangements with them before they sued me. I have been making all my payment on time (automatic withdraw). They did not withdraw my account last mouth. I have tryed calling all the phone numbers that I can find for them and they are all disconnected. What do I do? What will happen next?

  • Kellie

    Read above your post. I’m in the same situation and guess what? They never reported my payments to the credit bureau. Awesome huh?

  • Andrew

    Mann Bracken doesn’t/didn’t purchase your debts. The original creditor or the debt buyer placed the account with Mann Bracken either for regular collections or litigation. [Incorrect information deleted. -Ed] . . . be sure to monitor it as closely as possible and/or consult an attorney of your own. If you had a payment plan through Mann Bracken, keep any paperwork or recorded calls that you may have received. You will likely have to set up the arrangements again with the owner of the debt or the next collection company that works it. If ANYTHING on your credit report is incorrect, you should dispute it. It doesn’t matter if it involves Mann Bracken or ABC Bank. If you sued Mann Bracken, you are probably out of luck. I can’t imagine there will be any assets when this is all over.

  • Jeffrey

    This may help explode the myth that all collection firms are getting rich over collecting debts from people who cannot afford to pay them. I wonder how many people will simply get away from paying debts they really owe, so the rest of us who pay our bills will have to pick up the slack for them. I feel sorry for all of the people caught up in this mess, both creditors and debtors.

  • terra

    I have been getting letters from lawyers saying Discover card is suing me even though I have paid Mann- Bracken regularly. Has anyone gotten this?

  • theloadedsky

    I thought I’d share my experience.

    I’ve been paying Mann-Bracken/Wolfpoff Abrahmson on an old Discover card for almost two years now. I sent what was to be my last payment yesterday and discovered this news today.

    I called Discover and after punching in my acct number, zip code, etc, a voice mail gave me an 800 number, which I googled and reached Foster & Garbus.

    I really really do not want to speak on the phone with them. Should I write to them immediately as a preemptive strike? Make them DV it? Should I cancel the check on its way to Mann Bracken or will they still be cashing checks in the future?


  • jennifer

    okay so i have beenreading alot of you guys posts and i am still afraid of what is supposed to be happening…some of you actually had companies pick up your debt??? i dont have anything from them as proof to dispute because most of my payments over the past two years have been bank drafts and phone checks of outrageous numbers i do not own….how does that help? i still think in my mind that if a company goes under things get banished! am i still wrong????

  • Sam Glover

    Mann Bracken is a debt collection law firm. As far as I know, Mann Bracken does not purchase debts, it just collects debts that belong to its clients.

    If Mann Bracken goes bankrupt, its clients do not lose the right to collect their debts, they just have to find another debt collector to do it.

    If you had a debt with Mann Bracken, you should probably start by contacting the creditor. If you had reached a settlement with Mann Bracken, find out whether the creditor intends to honor that settlement. (Note: Making payments is not necessarily the same thing as settling your debt. A creditor must credit your account for any payments you make, regardless whether you have reached some kind of settlement.)

  • jennifer

    thanks sam, i dont have a settlement with them, i still owe them 333 bucks but when i called boa they had me 100 bucks over that amount…..i didnt have the same luck as old girl above me that had a knowledgable rep, mine kept putting me on hold and was unsure and jus kept saying can i place you on hold, yes we can take the payment from you if you would like to pay right now…what kind of mess is that? so i hung up with her and jus settled for waiting…what else can i do especially if boa has the wrong balance on my account:( i still wanna hunt down the last rep i spoke to to make my payment, i will totally slueth her info if i have to and ask her to help me…i know she cant cause she doesnt work for the company anymore but dang…i would love some inside info on who is gonna get what accounts….boa/mbna, discover, etc

  • theloadedsky

    What Sam says makes sense; I don’t think Mann Bracken purchased my debt from Discover. When I got sued, I made absolute certain it was Discover suing them and not MB. If MB were suing me, they could have most likely been chased away with a simple DV like any other junk debt buyer.

    I settled with MB out of court (literally, right outside the courtroom, in the hall) and I have a check in transit (I’m following it online via CM). While I have not contacted my new creditor (I’m taking a wait-and-see approach on the status of my pending check), I’m preparing to draft a preemptive letter to them.

  • syl

    deeply appreciated your comments;especially Sam and zeek13,my situation is this,I was sued by wolpoff and abramson for mbna in 2007,they were granted a writ of garnishment and put a hold on a checking acct.,now on 12/04/09 I sent Mann Bracken an agreed upon settlement amount for the outstanding debt,they received and cashed the cashier’s check,I waited two weeks for them to notify the credit bureau and the bank (to release the funds in the checking acct.) and you know the rest of the story,can’t contact them.WHAT SHOULD I DO ? I don’t know if mbna/bank of america sold debt,etc. would deeply appreciate any sound advice

  • The Texas

    MB attempted to sue me almsot two years ago. They filed a suit against me, but did not proceed and at a present I do not have a judgement againt me. Through a mediator, we settled on a 225.00 monthly fee; one I have sacrificed to pay without fail for almost 2 years. Chase is the owner of my account. Since MB appears to be no more..does anyone have a number I can speak to a Chase rep? Everytime I call I get a voice recording that prompt me to every department except the one I need. Pleae help.

  • Sam Glover

    Try pressing zero during your call. That often gets you to a real person. You might also try calling Chase Executive Customer Service.

  • jay leo

    I was hustled my W&P after losing a job in the Worldcom scandal. They kept breaking payment agreements and then filed two judgements that went through NAF. I was so resigned and down from everything I did not fight it and they now about $40K in these two.

    Never wanting anything less than full amount I could never settle with them. They took a bank account two years ago. I am out of work again and want to start my own business, but can’t get a bank account because of this ridiculous issue. Bankruptcy would only make things worse. Any other ideas in light of their possible going under?

    Has the end been officially announced anywhere?

  • sylvia

    I had a judgement against me 2yrs ago with Mann Bracken. I was able to settle with monthly payments but this month I was surprised that have monies left over , but its because they did not withdraw the payment ,so I am trying to call but I get recording tell me that the number has been disconnected.I want to pay but I don’t know who , I just don’t want them to put a lien on my properties for not summiting this month payment . What to do?

  • Travae22

    Hey so far just by reading u guys blogs, I’m still lost and confused. I had made a settlement with Mann Bracken as well. But I realized how the check for the 30th has not cleared my bank yet. And when I called I was furious to hear the out of service message. I then didn’t know what to do. So my first thought was to call Dell b/c that is who the creditor is. Dell was extremely rude and on top of that it was like they didn’t even care. They kept asking me for my order number and after I explained to them several times that I was calling in reference to an account that was turned over to collections, they still insisted on needing information on my account. Information that I do not have being that it has been bout 4 years or more. I just don’t know where to turn to next or what to do. I was only trying to do the right thing and get my debt paid off, but now i’m so upset that I don’t want to give anyone a dime. Please someone help me. Do I need to call Dell back or do I need to call the collection agency that Dell turned me over to before the collection agency turned me over to Mann Bracken? What shall I do? Thank you!!!

  • Donna

    We also had monthly plan with MB thru DELL last payment was in NOV.. I recieved a check from DEll for $107.00 in an overpayment/ credit. I have tried to contact MB and DEll to find out if my account closed and what this check is for my total debt was $2,599.00 and I selleted with MB for .$1,899.00. What does this check mean and should I cash it

  • jell

    All this is very interesting. I had an acct with direct merchants bank and I assumed
    they sold it to MB last spring. Was to make the final payment to them 12-30-09 for
    which was a debt settlement of about 30% of the original debt. At least $1300 of that was fees. When I called direct merchants bank around June of 09 all they did was
    pass me on to other departments for which no one wanted to deal with you. Then finally got a letter from MB and went from there, so sounded like they bought the debt.

  • Bryan

    I have a court date for next Tuesday, January 19th and am being sued by Target National Bank and Mann Bracken is the law firm. The case has yet to be pulled and it is still going to happen at this time. If no one shows for the Plaintiff and I ask the Judge to dismiss the suit with prejudice, am I no longer responsible for this debt or could Target still come back and try to collect even though a Judge dismissed their suit with prejudice.

    I had wanted to settle before the trial, but I cannot get ahold of anyone, every number I was given is disconnected.

  • Lisa

    I was contacted by Mann Bracken over 2 years ago on a credit card debt that had been charged off by the credit card company. Mann Bracken said they bought the debt. Can they purchase a credit card debt that has been charged off. Because of a court judgment I have paid over $2000 in the past 2 years.


    I’m in the same boat with everyone else – been paying Mann bracken for a year on a credit card debt – last payment was made Dec – well it didn’t go through – have tried several ways to contact them with no luck – even contacted the better business bureau for info – have not heard back yet – so yeah, should i wait to see what happens or try to find out who may hold my debt now – very stressed and afraid i may be sued for failure to make payments

  • jell

    How does one know if MB even bought the debt from direct merchants bank?
    If they did then it is no longer the card companies I would think other wise
    I would think they would eventually contact you. So, how can a person find
    out one way or the other?

  • Sam Glover

    jell, as I pointed out in the original post, Mann Bracken does not buy debts.

    JACKI, read the original post for what you should do.

  • Michelle

    The letter I got from Mann and Bracken said to pay them after the Judgement not the creditor .. However that is not possible as they are shut down . However the Judgement paper said HSBC was suing me .. But there is no # to call HSBC which also shows charged off on the Credit report ..I had opened a separate banck account to pay them from so I am putting the money I owe them in there .. It is not my job to chase down HSBC it is there job to contact me as they hired Mann and bracken

  • jell

    Ok, if that is the case what are you suppose to do? I got a paper from MB with a settlement and have paid all but $86. When I called the card company back
    last spring they did not have any info on it.

    I also, have receipts from MB for every payment I made as well as the settlement amount so the card company should not hassle me about it, I hope anyway.’

    Also, Sam some are saying the card company told them the debt was sold to MB>

  • jell

    Also, you cannot call MB as their number is disconnected

  • Sam Glover

    Mann Bracken does not buy debts; it collects debts. Contact the creditor.

  • JML

    I was on a MB payment plan for a MBNA account and like some of you my payment was not taken out for December. I called Bank of America (who now manages the MBNA account) and was told that the terms I made with MB will stay the same, but I will be making them to a different agency. They did not know who the new agency would be and said I would be contacted about setting up the payments witht he new group. They were aware of the situation and assured me that the payment not being taken out in December would not affect the payment plan I was on. Calling your creditor is right move.

  • jell

    They can contact me as all you get is passed around because no one ever seems to know anything. If they do, hope they do not hassle me as I have
    a settlement amount in writing from MB which was $5172 of a $8388 which of
    $1300 was fees and have paid all but $86 and have all receipts saying all the payments I made to them.

  • jell

    Guess they will have to contact me and hopefully, they dont hassle me as I have an amount from MB for a settlement in writing for $5172 from $8388 and $1300 of that was fees and have paid all but $86 and have all receipts where I made the payments over the last 5 months. Also, I have no numbers for direct merchants bank.

  • jell

    Dont have any numbers for direct merchant bank so guess they will have to contact me

  • IML

    I am so glad I read these comments because I was wondering why my payment for MB was never deducted from my account this past December. I was worried because I had reached a settlement with them as well. Like jell, I do noot have any numbers for my ssears direct merchants, guess they will have to contact me!

  • Virginia Consumer

    Mann Bracken is out of business but it still exists.

    This week I am going to file lawsuits in Fairfax against Mann Bracken through their registered agent (serve them by the Secretary of the Commonwealth) and likewise against Chris Bracken at his home office in Atlanta.

  • SDC1960

    Now I see why my attorney held the settlement check for over a week before disbursing funds to me. Guess it was a good thing we accepted their settlement offer when we did.

  • Sam Glover

    That may be part of it. Attorneys usually hold settlement checks for about 10 days to make sure they clear. Some states’ ethics rules require it, so as not to endanger other clients’ funds held in the same trust account.

  • Jonathan Ginsberg

    Mann, Bracken has indeed gone out of business. I practice in Atlanta where MB is based and the State Bar directory shows new business addresses for the lawyers, and earlier this year a local TV station filed a report confirming Mann, Bracken’s demise. I posted a link to the TV station’s report on my blog at

  • theloadedsky

    Just thought I’d post an update. I had originally been paying an original creditor through Mann-Bracken and today I received a letter from the OC telling me to deal with Forster and Garbus.

    I will be sending them a letter via CMRRR to make sure the new firm will continue to honor the court agreement I had settled with the OC. Of course, I still have copies of all of the paperwork, including records of all my payments.

  • Consumers Law

    We had some interesting run-ins with Mann Bracken here in PA as well; sinking ship…

  • Jo

    I’ve been making payment to Mann Bracken for (over 3yrs on a 5 yr plan) and Dec Payment didn’t go through. Now another law firm is calling for the bal. They are telling me to settle now or further actions will be taken. Do I settle? or may arrangements? Is there anyone to talk to about this?

  • theloadedsky

    Jo: Have you contacted the original creditor?

  • jennifer

    so i got contacted by my new collector, zwicker and associates which has an entirely wrong balance of 400 bucks which with mann bracking it was at 333… i had made payment arrangements….yesterday i tried calling the girl i am supposed to be working with at someone else said she isnt at work but theyd take my payment…they effin told me it had now accrued interest and was 600 freaking flippin bucks?!?!?!?!?!?!? what the H do i do now? can i dispute this? i received a letter with them stating my balance was at the 400 balance….pls. let me know whatever you can! im so hot right now…:(

  • Tammy

    Who was Mann Bracken and Axiant collecting for???

  • Sam Glover

    Many creditors.

    • Jodi

      I know this is an old post and don’t even know if you will get this. I had a judgement placed against me in 2004 by a company called Monarch Capital Corporation (represented by the law firm Wolpoff & Abramson). I read that Mann Bracken took over accounts from Wolpoff & Abramson but I never received anything from them requesting the money. I’ve recently been cleaning up my credit and want to pay this judgement so that it will be satisified through the courts and my credit report (it will be seven years this coming July). I am trying to obtain a mortgage but cannot get one until this judgement is taken care of. I have heard that Monarch went out of business and Wolpoff & Abramson went out of business. I don’t know how to find out who bought my debt so that I can get this taken care of. I have exhausted all of my resources. I have written a letter to the courts a week ago to see if they can assist/guide me. Do you have any suggestions? Or any knowledge on how to find out who bought my debt? I’ve called all the places I can think of and still can’t find out anything.

      • Sam Glover

        Check your credit report, first, to see if the debt shows up under any other debt collector. Otherwise, just wait. Either someone will eventually show up to collect, or the judgment will expire.

  • CE

    I received a letter from an attorneys office here in Houston yesterday, called them and that is when I found out about MB. My problem is, they say they have the December payment, will honor everything, but why am I just now being notified? Also, my January payment (via check from the bank) hasn’t been returned to my bank, and my February payment has already gone out, to MB in North Carolina. So where is everything going that is being mailed to MB??? I am not going to put 2 stop payments of 2 checks. UGH!

  • Myriam Pierre

    I had mailed the December payment to their office in North Carolina.I sent that certified mail.I never did get a receipt or anything like that from them.Since I had misplaced the stub since i do not believe in paying by check to these collection agencies I have to fill out some form to just makes me wonder that if they knew that this was happening to them,why didn’t they notify us?And will everyone who didn’t get receipts from them as well get anything back?Also I had been making those payments because of some settlement agreement they offered me when they were Wolpoff &Abramson.So also what do I do if their client orders another collection agency after me?Please advise.

  • KL

    I was wondering why my payments hadnt been debited for Dec. and Jan. and now Feb. and tried calling MB today and was told the # was disconnected then seen online they went bankrupt…and I was doing this because I had a law firm call today wanting money from me or they were taking me to court and said nothing to me about MB out of business and tried saying I owed them $3000 which was my original balance with MB and on my last thank you for your payment letter my balance owed was $1200 and they were not willing to work with me and were demanding the $3000 or they would settle for $2500….thats CRAP!! But when I mentioned I had looked on the internet and seen MB out of business and I have all my repiepts for all my payments with the balance owed and I WOULD fight this and mentioned the MN att. general then they said they would pull my file and research it and look at all the notes….so they pretty much tried to screw me and hadnt even looked into my file and were just trying to collect the original balance!! BIG HEADACHE!!!!! They are calling me back Monday with an amount they will take!

  • Ronnie

    I can’t beleive this, this might be a blessing in disguise. They have been taking monies from me for many years, i’ve lost count, but will be getting all my bank records, ASAP, does anyone has the old number for MB, just wanted to call myself, I can also look in my huge bill box. Well! let’s keep posting..i made a deal with MB, maybe i could figth this.

  • Jenny

    I had an account with Mann Bracken for my FIA/Bank of America account.
    Yesterday I received a letter from the Stillman Law Offices located in West Bloomfield MI, stating that the matter has been recalled from Mann Bracken from the creditor and not to send any future payments to Mann Bracken. Stillman states for me to call them to reset any such arrangement that I had with Mann Bracken. I called Credit Solutions (they are handling my case) and they are trying to reach a settlement with them on my behalf.

  • Neo

    You have to contact your creditor. I had 2 bank of america accounts with MB and both accounts was settle and the payment was took from MB. However, they didn’t report to credit breua that my accounts was settle by the full balance. So I called the BofA and the account manager told me to fax everything including the settlement letters from MB to investigate. I’m still waiting the result. MB is the messed. Does anyone have the same problem or same situation here?

  • Simone

    I had made payments through MB for a $3600 debt from 8 yrs ago. I now have no clue who to contact to find out where it’s been sent. No one has sent me any notice via mail re: the amount owed.
    Any advice on how to find out where my debt is?

  • Michael

    The statement at the top of this page is not entirely factual. Mann-Bracken buys debt from creditors and if you try to contact the bank or creditor you WILL be turned away because they no longer have any of your information! If you reside in the state of Georgia, the best option is to contact the Governor’s Office Of Consumer Affairs. The GOCA will help you get the problem resolved in the best way possible. Weather that be writing off the debt and contacting credit agencies or finding someone who has bought the debt from Mann-Bracken and set you up a payment plan with them. However it is my understanding that they are in a pending federal lawsuit and can’t, at this point, sell any debts to other agencies. Hope this helps!


  • Sam Glover

    What evidence do you have that Mann Bracken buys debt?

  • vickie

    Yes, I agree with Michael, who said Mann Bracken buys debt from creditors. After Mann Bracken collected almost three times the amount that was owed to my creditor, I had the auto payment stopped and tried to get intouch with the creditor for an reimbursment. The creditor did not know me or what I was talking about. They said my debt was written off years ago. But I think the company sold my debt to Mann Bracken and he made a huge profit of me and I am sure a lot others.

  • Sam Glover

    Vickie, what evidence do you have that Mann Bracken bought your debt?

  • Vader

    From what I understand, in some cases Mann Bracken bought the debt, but in others they are acting as a representative for your original creditor. Mann Bracken has gone into receivership rather than bankruptcy and therefore all of the accounts are “up in the air” so to speak. I was told that “you may be contacted regarding your account” by several different sources. Everyone be careful, however!! There are many stories of companies calling individuals and saying that they own your account when they really do not! In fact, I’ve even read stories where people were called and told “this is regarding your Discover card account through Mann Bracken” when the person never even had a Discover card in the first place. The predators are abound!

    Make sure if you are contacted that they send full proof that a) the account in question IS yours and b) that there is full proof of all charges, etc. that reflect that it is yours that you owe.

    In most cases, if your account payments through Mann Bracken was started several years ago, the original creditor will not have any record of your account. The best thing to do at this point, which I’ve found, is to put the payments that you would have sent to MB into a separate account and hold onto it for right now until the receivership situation or your account situation is resolved. Also, keep in mind the statue of limitations for your respected state.

  • Sam Glover

    Vader, how did you come to that understanding? I have never seen a case where Mann Bracken bought a debt, although I have defended consumers in several debt collection lawsuits brought by Mann Bracken.

    I am not saying it is impossible, just that nobody has ever shown me any evidence that Mann Bracken actually purchases debt.

  • Vader

    Sam, your only responses have been to say “what evidence do you have”… I’ve done a lot of research online over the past several years pertaining to the situation that I had with Mann Bracken. As they bought/merged with identities such as Wolpoff & Abramson, cases of debts that were bought are then considered to be that of Mann Bracken due to the merger. Also, there have been cases that I’ve found via said research whereas the original creditors have written off the debts from their books, meanwhile Mann Bracken had continued collection and such payments have since shown up as reported on the credit reports.

    Can you please show us some evidence to contradict the fact that Mann Bracken purchases debt other than “nobody has shown me evidence”. Please prove that Mann Bracken is not an entity that purchased debt.

    [Legal question removed. -Ed.]

  • Sam Glover

    I am asking for evidence because I know Mann Bracken does not buy debts. I have been involved with a number of lawsuits brought by Mann Bracken, and I have never seen anything to indicate that they buy debts. What I have seen is chains of assignment, bills of sale, and statements showing who does own the debts (or at least who thinks it owns them). It has never been Wolpoff or Mann Bracken.

    I have, however, seen a lot of uninformed people posting rumors online. I have never seen any evidence supporting those rumors, only more rumors.

    I deleted your legal question because posting personal legal questions to a public website is a bad idea. Contact an attorney in your state.

  • Cougar93

    I too was dealing with Mann Bracken over the last couple of years. I had developed a relationship with one of their attorneys who was actually pretty nice and did help me to make a payment arrangement that was comfortable for me. When I got laid off my job, much like many other people, I explained the situation and she altered the payment arrangement to lower my payments to a new level I could handle under the new circumstances. Every time we made a change I asked her to send me a ltter to that effect, which she did. I wasn’t able to make payment for February and March but did want to catch up in April and upon calling the number I had for the attorney who handled my accounts it says there are circuit difficulties.

    Now Im not sure whether or not I should send a payment, sometimes I mailed them in their self addressed envelopes or I made it through their website which was free.

    After reading your comments on here Im wondering if the right thing to do is just wait for a letter or a phone call telling me who the new collecton agency will be. One of the accounts I had with them is almost paid off and another one has a larger balance. What’s your advice?

  • Venita James

    Mann Bracken collected too much money. They took money from two different sources which created an overpayment. I have been trying to resolve and now no one answers the phone. Is there a way to get my overpayment returned?

  • Sue

    I paid Mann Bracken in 2006 for a debt. In 2010 after getting a new job, in the background check it came up there was a judgment against me in civil court. I couldn’t believe it. I had paid this debt in 2006 and have all the documents and cleared bank information. When I tried to send a certified package to them it was returned to me 4/29/2010 saying it was “Not Deliverable”. I have lost a good paying job and been unable to secure loans because of something on my credit report that shouldn’t be there. I wish there was a class action suit somewhere I could join. They have destroyed people’s lives.

  • Kelly

    My husband has had a wage garnishment on him for debt collection for Capital One through Wolpoff & Abramson then thru Mann Bracken. His employer told him that MB had not cashed any checks since December or January. When my husband called the Clerk of the Court here, he was told that the judgement was being dismissed b/c MB was out of business. We are waiting for the Dismissal Ruling documentation. So 1) Does his employer have to stop payment on all the checks from my husband’s wages? 2) Does the employer reimburse my husband for all those payments? 3) If a debt cannot be collected on after three years of no activity, do we wait 3 years from the time of the last collected payment and then consider it no longer collectable? Thank you.

  • Jeremy

    So I have been making payments to MB including in December. I have not had any trouble with it at all. In fact I was trying to call to find out what my remaining balance was. That is when I found out all this information. I’m not sure now if my payments are going to the right place and if I should keep sending them. This Sucks!

  • James Hoffman

    Mann Bracken has been in a Receivership Proceeding administered by the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland. I am counsel to the Receiver. The Receiver continues to receive payments sent to Mann Bracken by credit card holders, title companies on judgment and garnishment checks. She administers the funds pursuant to Court Order and, where applicable, agreements with the credit card companies. The Receiver uses Mann Bracken’s electronic files to determine which credit card company is involved and sends copies of each payment to the credit card issuer and ultimately the funds. You may contact Ms. Rose at: Cheryl Rose, Receiver Cheryl E. Rose, Receiver of Mann Bracken, LLC, 12154 Darnestown Road, Box 623, Gaithersburg, MD 20878.

    • Sam Glover

      Although this information appears to be accurate, I would question the wisdom of paying the receiver for an out-of-business debt collection law firm that represented clients who couldn’t prove they owned the debts they were trying to collect. Call a consumer rights attorney before you do this.