The Anti-EULA, the anti-EULA.

READ CAREFULLY. By [accepting this material|accepting this payment|accepting this business-card|viewing this t-shirt|reading this sticker] you agree, on behalf of your employer, to release me from all obligations and waivers arising from any and all NON-NEGOTIATED agreements, licenses, terms-of-service, shrinkwrap, clickwrap, browsewrap, confidentiality, non-disclosure, non-compete and acceptable use policies (“BOGUS AGREEMENTS”) that I have entered into with your employer, its partners, licensors, agents and assigns, in perpetuity, without prejudice to my ongoing rights and privileges. You further represent that you have the authority to release me from any BOGUS AGREEMENTS on behalf of your employer.

I don’t know if this stuff is enforceable, but I don’t know if EULAs are enforceable in the first place. I guess if you can waive your rights because of the privilege of pulling some shrink wrap off a package you already own, corporations can disclaim their EULAs in exchange for the privilege of reading your t-shirt.