Wells Fargo Finally Adds Mobile Payments to its Horrible iOS and Android Apps

Wells Fargo has finally added mobile deposits to its piss-poor app for iOS and Android.

On the one hand, this is awesome. Making deposits using the camera on your iPhone or Android phone is way more convenient than going to a branch — especially if you don’t have a branch nearby. On the other hand, practically every other bank in the country has been doing this for something like five years, and Wells Fargo’s mobile app is one of the worst I have used.

Still, the convenience is worth the hassle, if you aren’t willing to switch to a more tech-savvy bank. If you want to try it, get the apps here: iOS / Android.

  • nonegiven

    Yeah, this is like an abusive boyfriend DTMFA!

  • Steve

    You say this but then don’t present an article on which banks are tech savy. At least not one that I can find using your blog’s seach tools or a Google search. So, which banks are the most tech savy?

    • http://caveatemptorblog.com Sam Glover

      Unfortunately, I don’t know. I only have the one bank myself.