Federal and State Regulators Going After Debt Collectors (?)

Every once in a while, some regulator or another announces that it will henceforth be going after debt collectors with renewed vigor. This week, it’s a hodgepodge of federal and state regulators against abuses. In the case of California, at least, it may be because collectors went after the wrong person, state senator Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana):

Last year, Correa discovered his Senate paycheck was being garnisheed because of a $4,329 lien for the Sears debt. Brachfeld had obtained a default judgment in court, even though, Correa said, the lawsuit was never served on him and he knew nothing of the claim or the court hearing.

He later learned that the debt belonged to a Luis Correa from Santa Ana. The man had a different Social Security number, different address, even different first name — the senator is legally Jose Luis Correa.

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