Would You Pay for a Placebo?

It won’t work if you know it’s a placebo, of course. Would you be upset if you found out you paid $100 per pill for a placebo, even if it worked? Would you expect a refund once it worked?

Should doctors prescribe placebos?

[Thanks, Aaron!]

  • http://consumerlawyer.mn/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi Frank Pipitone

    I guess you can put me in the camp that would not be upset if I found out I paid $100 for a placebo. I would not want a refund. In fact, I would actually be happier if I found out the supposed drug I was taking was actually “nothing at all.”

    Now I need to get to the point where I can create that placebo effect in myself without actually taking the placebo. Mastering my mind. :)

    • http://caveatemptorblog.com Sam Glover

      You just need a way to induce short-term memory loss. Then you can put your giant sugar pills in a shiny package in your medicine cabinet, forget they are sugar pills, and get better!